Thursday, December 10, 2009

Big Surprise

Big surprise, i haven't worked out. Not once.

It's again been 1 of those weeks where every day I'm so busy that i don't even really sit down to do nothing until after dinner. Which, yes, I know I could exercise then... But... I haven't been.

My eating has been decent and my swelling has been noticeably less... So I'm taking that as a WIN!

I know, such exciting stuff to tune into and read.


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tomorrow I will...

Just got home. I had a relaxing day and topped it off with an insane crowd at the xmas light parade; walked about 2 mi (I think) total tonight. As I'm getting ready for bed, I'm thinking of what i should or need to do tomorrow and I'm here to say...

Tomorrow, I will exercise.

I swear I will.

It's my solemn vow to exercise tomorrow...

Now lets see if I can summon the gumption to do it.

Tomorrow I will exercise, i will... I WILL!!!


Friday, December 4, 2009

Ok... OK....

My butt's been kicked and I've been told I need to get back on here... Thanks heather!!

I've been around the internet every day, but I sadly admit... I have not been around on blogger. I've been a horrible blogger support person as I've not been reading, not been writing... nothing.

What's my excuse?

Come on... I could list a million, but they are just that... excuses.

It really boils down to lately, I feel like I have nothing new to say, no new revelations and 1/2 the time I feel empty of thoughts. Ok... not of thoughts, but of healthy living thoughts.

I'm doing what i can...
But i'm back on red meat... I know, I know.... My cholesterol is already through the roof being pregnant, add that it was high before getting pregnant... It's probably heart attack through the roof by now. But what do you do when you are broke and need the meat. You go red. I have been trying my best to keep it low and have even done everything I can to limit the ground beef, no matter the % of fat. Trying to be smart, back to trying to balancing our meals better too. Qualifying for the food stamps I never asked for (only applied for medical) really helps, especially with how work has been for me and how hard the end of the year always is because of my forced work hiatus the last 2 weeks.

Other than that... I'm doing what i can to exercise, but looking back at my calender I've averaged 2 days a week. Mon & Tues before I get over run and no time. I know... there is always time. I admit... being pregnant and not able to LOSE weight has really taken a toll on my mind. I'm trying to not gorge, even when i want to. And I've been pretty successful if you ask me. 3 meals and 1-2 snacks a day. But I haven't been saying no either. At the same time... I've gotten into this place of being so busy that I don't have time for exercise, I don't even have time to sit on my ass all day. Did I mention how although I'm still tired, my energy levels have been WAY off the chart. I think it has to do with the holiday's and how much I love this time of year. hahahha!!

Anyhow... every morning I look at my schedule for the day and think holy cow how will I exercise, there's no time. I barely know if I'll take the correct time to eat lunch let alone sit down. So, although it wouldn't fly if I was trying to lose weight... I've been choosing the lack of time to sit, my ability and schedule to move move and move some more as my form of moving. I mean come on... isn't that what they tell us. It's not about WHAT you do... it's about moving? I know, I'm taking it too literal. I NEED to actually move in an exercise form. And I do on the days I'm slower, I've been trying to get back onto the Wii action. I've been asked Santa for a TON of the exercise games, we'll see if I get any. :) Really it boils down to I've been lazy and slacking in the department of healthy living and my new pre-pregnant lifestyle. I'm off the wagon in a lot of ways... But I'm letting being pregnant be the good excuse it is. but within reason. Does that even make sense?

On other notes, My Dr and I are proud of my low blood pressure. If he didn't know my history with my Daughter and before this pregnancy... he'd have no reason to even be worried of the possibilities of what i could end up going through. It's that low! YEAH!!! Must be doing something right, right? As of last month i haven't even gained a full 10 pounds yet and he's glad of that. Although swelling city is going on around here so I never know when I wake up if the # on scale is real or what. I think I might need to change my weigh in time... it's hard to tell these days upon waking up how I'm doing when swelling is causing the scale to gain another pound every morning, but by mid day... I can tell the swelling is less. Trying to not worry or deal with it... let the Dr tell me to worry at the next apt kinda thing.

Anyhow... So that's how I'm doing. Baby boy is moving like a mad man these days, I get nauseous from it some times. Is that crazy or what? It is to me.... My 3 year old never really moved around... couldn't even force her to move as a matter of fact. She was just so calm... even when she was born. Oh my do i realize how much trouble I'll be in come April when this little guy arrives.... I'm afraid... very afraid. hahahahahahaha!!

So... there you have it. Me in a nutshell. I'll try to get back on a regular schedule and try to get back to reading. But as much as I love my computer, these days. I have to admit... It's the last place I want to be sitting. Well, unless I'm screwin' around on facebook, but even that has cut WAY down.

So on that note help me get back into the swing of things,
please tell me... How are you?