Monday, May 17, 2010

Day 2- holy moley am I in trouble :)

Wouldn't you know it... It's a good thing I got in my 24 minute Wii workout yesterday because last night Logan was in screaming pain from his bowels. I put my daughter to bed got 5 minutes into my workout and my husband just couldn't do it any more (couldn't blame him... he was 1+hr in already with Logan being upset). So i didn't get my PM workout in, by the time i got him calmed down and to bed... I was past ready for bed. I knew there was a reason i wanted to start doing 20 minute workouts in the Am and Pm. 1 it's easier to break the time up and 2 at least I'm getting something in every day when life happens. :) lol

I also completed my food journal for yesterday too. Drank all my water for the day too. YEAH ME!! It's been a long time since I had 1 day where I met my goals. YEAH ME!!!

What are my goals for the rest of May?
1. at minimum 1 -20 minute workout every day, shooting for 2
2. at minimum 64oz water
3. journal every morsel I put in my mouth
But why am I in trouble?

This morning i FINALLY tried my Jillian Michael's Fitness Ultimatum 2009 Wii game. Holy MOLEY!! I set it for a 30 min LIGHT workout... holy shipola!! I got 20 minutes into it and just couldn't finish the rest (barely got through that). Holy crap am I cooked!! But... I'm excited to do it again. hahahahaa!! I'll be doing it every 3rd day because I'm rotating between my workout games.

1. Pilate's w/ daisy + Wii Fit
2. Jillian
3. EA active

In the evenings I'll be doing my Pilate's for the ball for 20 minutes. I'm in love with that DVD. I like that each segment is only 10minutes so i can do 2 different segments each night and focus on different body parts... although I admit 1 of those segments will always be the flexibility segment I've been doing since before my son was born. It helps me relax and I always feel good after. But let me tell ya... so far, outside of thet felxibility portion all i can handle doing (and barely) is the upper body workout.

And all this really boils down to... HOLY MOLEY am i outa shape. But I'm feeling great!!! yesterday i even had more energy than I have in a long time.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Time to get crackin'!!

Life has been crazy around here. I quit making "ME" a priority again. It's amazing how quickly that happens and how easily I just make it "ok".

And honestly, I didn't have it in me to deal with me when i was dealing so much with my son and his health. He's ok now that we're getting down to the root of his problems (turns out he has a milk protein allergy) and luckily, he's a TOTALLY different little guy these last few days. Makes things easier and we're both sleeping better now. :) Last week I did get the all clear from my Dr on my health and he said I am to commence working out full speed (he was glad to hear about my modified workouts) as I feel fit. YEAH!!

But for almost 2 weeks there, I quit working out. My husband quit taking kid duty for me so i could work out in the evenings and I quit food journaling. no matter what... it's all Excuses excuses. And although I've given myself a mental "don't beat yourself up about it pep talk" I also recognize that it's time to make me a priority now that things are better. no one else can do that for me, but me. I know life happens just as it has been happening... but I'm going to actively work on making sure that even though sh*t happens... i can't let it take over my health or I won't have a life to deal with.

I'm happy to say the middle of last week I pulled my britches up and kicked myself in the as*. I started food journaling again and although I hadn't started exercising until today i talked with my husband about what i need from him to make things easier for me to not have those excuses to get in the way. Since today is the start of my week for weighing in he's agreed that we'll set the plan in motion. I need to be better about getting my day started and despite being tired not sit in my room with my son for 2 hours talking myself into getting going. i just need to get going. Which i DID. I got in a 24min workout this morning on the Wii and this evening I'll do a 20 minute exercise ball workout before he leaves for work. I've got my food journal for the week ready to go and I'm READY!! I'm ready to look at my todo list and know that before I go to bed, I need to cross off my workouts as a MUST do instead of telling myself I'll do it tomorrow.

Despite my lack of effort i have managed to lose 1.3lbs the last 2 weeks. I really am not sure how, but I know that this won't keep happening so1 way or another I will make myself a priority and that's all there is to it.


Saturday, May 8, 2010

To all you moms out there

I know I need to update you all... but things have been nutty. I couldn't let tomorrow go by without saying...

Hope everyone has a beautiful day!