Thursday, November 5, 2009

happy anniversary to me... i mean us. :)

So i was planning on posting today with how yesterday went... and well... the day is already getting away from me. Lets just leave it at... i did a big fat nada for exercise. 2 days in a row of nothing already, no big surprise. And how will today go....

Today is my 5th wedding anniversary and last minute hubby and I are trying to see what we can or can't do today. That's us... always waiting until the last minute. LOL I'm hoping this evening I'll have some energy to take kiddo for a walk (he'll be sleeping by then). But evenings are always when I'm most dragging.

Anyhow, I can already for see in my future.... Pizza for lunch at our favorite place, but no whole pies for this trip. Cheap lunch specials by the slice. :) For dinner will be home made Tostada’s (right down to the beans and even crisping my own corn tortilla's-store bought soft) for dinner. Luckily there isn't much money we can afford to spend, so no matter what we end up doing to celebrate...we'll take our own snacks.

Hope you are all having a wonderful day!


Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Lets see, we last left you off with our Halloween adventures and my proudly tooting my own horn of doing so well with sticking to my normal plan of restraint where those sweet little devils of candy goodness are concerned.

Yes, well, let this be a lesson to you all... DON'T TOOT YOUR OWN HORN!!! hahaha!! At least not until you can positively say, without a doubt and ONLY once said devilish little treats have cleared your house.

Sunday was a hard day for me. I was exhausted beyond the point of living. Thankfully the few things I needed to get done that day, were few and far between so therefore taking a semi day off was perfectly ok. At least in the sense of housework, but I should have worked out. Especially since lord only knows how much candy I actually ate that day.

I did however manage to get in 4 days total of exercise last week... not too shabby if you ask me. :)

Monday, I woke up more refreshed but still tired. Despite how I felt, I worked out :) YEAH ME!! And candy sweet candy... again passed my lips, along with 3 1/2 of the cookies dear hubby brought home. UGH!!!

Yesterday, I did not work out. I had my ultrasound yesterday and when i got home... lets just say, I thought my belly was trying to melt off my body. I felt so sick all day, I was in pain. So nope, no exercise, no healthy eating and again... sweet candy little devilish treats passed my mouth triple fold of the allotted 1-2 per day.
BUT the morning was exciting. i love ultrasounds! We found out this bundle of joy is going to be a little boy. We are measuring at being 18weeks and 6 days along instead of the 18weeks, 1 day along that we were originally at. And from what the technician was able to tell me... HEALTHY as healthy can be. :) Now the fun can begin. Boy do we have a lot to get ready for too. :) The main thing will be trying to get the 2 of to agree on names. That's always the fun part.

Today, my goal was to exercise, do what i could do to be healthy. And then, dear hubby brought home Donuts. Oh my, sweet donuts!! Let me tell you... being preggers and hungry... OF COURSE Donuts are a good idea. Turned out NOT to be a good idea. 1/2 an apple fritter left me feeling nauseous and yuck! OMG!! I think the sweetest thing I've had to eat for breakfast since getting pregnant has been syrup on waffles. 2 hours later... I still feel sick. Do you think that will stop me from having any more today? I think not... How sad, i'll try to be strong. We might go to the fair tonight... So I'll use walking around the fair as my form of exercise for the day or I'll do my routine here at home. We'll see.