Friday, August 6, 2010

life, such a beautiful thing

Goodness me... has it really been since the middle of May since I got on here? I quickly pop in on blog reading every great while. But taking the time to sit down and post on here, well it's been the furthest thing from my mind.

Life is just crazy around here, and although Logan has blissfully found his way into our life and our routine. I've had to cut some things out of my life. Like blogging and reading blogs; i miss it all the time though.

I think about losing weight and getting healthy all the time. Especially when i look in the mirror or step on the scale. But I've had to really take a hard look into our finances to figure out how just to do that. I can't afford to go back to eating the way I was when i started blogging on here and before I got pregnant. We just can't afford it. makes me sad... but i just have to buck up and deal with it.

I have been doing what i can to work out, some weeks I'm pretty regular and some weeks I'm not. My husband has gotten behind me finally and has started working out with me. I have a group of girlfriends on facebook who've started a monthly event of keeping up with each other to help motivate ourselves to working out each day... really we're just being accountable with each other. It helps knowing every day I have to log on there and admit if I have or have not exercised. we just started it so we'll see if it helps.

i think the biggest change has occurred this last weekend. I've decided to go back to vegetarian eating (by proxy i was eating vegetarian years ago and lost lots of weight while walking everyday). I have to admit I'm not doing it to save the animals or any other reason that i probably should. Rather I'm simply doing it because I know it worked before. I've attempted it before but I was trying to cook these outlandish meals or meals that weren't really to my liking. Worse yet, difficult to prepare with uncommon ingredients. This time around... I'm just tweaking some of our favorite meals. Monday I made sloppy joes... instead of tofu meat or anything of the sorts, i made mine with mushrooms... OMG!! They were so yummy!!! Hubby got the normal kind, i think that was the most elaborate cooking I've done all week (having to make 2 different meals). otherwise, i just cook his meat on the side and add it to his plate or bowl before dishing up. Tonight is mushroom stroganoff. I can't wait!!! the mushrooms were always my favorite part anyways.

This weekend or next week I'm borrowing P90X from a good friend. i can't wait to start that. I haven't been losing any weight doing Yoga with the hubster. he's a little perplexed at the idea of P90X. But I'm pushing us to just what we can of the program until we can do the full time of the program. Gotta do something and I hear what he "says" he wants to do exercise wise... but he doesn't do what he/we need to do for exercise to make an effect in the way our bodies look. I've noticed certain clothes getting loser, but not enough. I'm trying not to let that fact get me down... but hopefully with all these little changes... I'll start to see results. If not... I'll be thankful for getting myself healthier. ok, I admit... if my body doesn't start changing soon... I will be down. But I'm trying to think that way, even if I know in my heart I'll be upset if my doesn't change. power of positive thinking ya know. Anyhow...

Hope everyone out there is great! I'll try to check in when i can. :)