Saturday, May 7, 2011

ugly ugly day.

Yesterday was an ugly ugly day for me. I just couldn't find motivation for ANYTHING!! On a day like yesterday, making mac and cheese for my oldest was a BAD BAD idea.

Breakfast I was good and dinner I was good. lunch and snacks... bad bad bad. Although. I must say 1 thing I'm proud of. It wasn't as bad as it used to be. My calories are suppose to be 1410/day and I ended yesterday at 1649. Before I would have ended at 2400 calories. So that was a victory all in its own. Finding 1 good thing out a bad day is a good thing. Shows I'm learning!! :)

Exercise was non existent yesterday so I'm counting yesterday as 1 of my days off. And that's ok too.

Today I am going to rock it and achieve all my goals. I just know it!!!

Have a wonderful day today!

Friday, May 6, 2011

A leap of faith in me.

Yesterday was a GREAT day. Until the evening hit. :) lets start from the beginning of the day though. :)

I woke up feeling sore from my workout the day before. YEAH!!

I ate great all day! So well that by dinner I WAY more than enough calories to eat dinner and a snack. :) Gotta love that! We were having BLT's and for the first time EVER. I chose NOT to eat bread. OMG! Who am I? I made a BLT salad instead. I even made a dressing out of lite Mayo (what's a BLT without mayo) and a little bit of lemon juice. Wasn't too bad and I filled up REALLY quick with under 400 calories for a meal. YEAH!! But I admit I missed that yummy BLT sandwich taste. but I made a healthier choice and that's what's important. :)

As for exercise yesterday I hit my goal by the 2nd mini workout I did. Which turned out to be REALLY good because my evening workout got nixed by life. I ended up spending the evening at the ER with my son. Life happens, what can you do. I ended up hungry while waiting (we were there until midnight) to finish his visit, but did not cave to vending machine munchies. I knew that anything I chose would leave me feeling more hungry. So i ended up WAY under my calorie goal for the day. But what do you do right? at least I made good choices. And since I decided to push my 2nd mini workout to 20 minutes instead of 10. I did hit my 30 minutes/day goal. So I don't feel bad about not having gotten to work out.

I must admit though... having less than 6 hours of sleep today leaves me less than motivated to workout today. I just need to find the umph to push through.

Thank you for the suggestions yesterday about calorie counting. I ended up signing up for My username is jules77az feel free to look me up. I've decided to take the leap and do whatever myfitnesspal suggests calorie wise and exercise wise. I'll just HAVE to take a chance in me. I know I can do it. I just have to stick with it.

have a beautiful day today!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Swimmingly proud.

yesterday wrapped up to be a pretty good day. Full of victories, although the scale is hating me right now and I'm returning the feeling.

I ate beautifully. Well under my current goal and I even made a dinner much lower in calories than it was intended to be. Hubby still loved it. That was a victory all on it's own. Slowly lowering my calories is really working out so much better for me. I'm not feeling suddenly deprived and I'm proud of how well I'm taking control of my eating. I'm hungry but I'm satisfied with my progress and my determination. I feel hungrier less and less. YEAH!!

yesterday's workout plan worked wonderfully! I got in more exercise than I am currently capable of doing. So splitting up my exercise goal is a wonderful idea. I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner. Last night I attempted a netflix workout i usually pass over because I know I'm just not capable of doing it fully. And guess what... i got further in it then I ever expected. i pushed myself and modified where I needed to. As a matter of fact I'm still sore today. YEAH!!

So today i'm going to work on figuring out just WHERE my calorie goal should be. I feel daunted. i don't want some unrealistic goal that will lead me to failure.... I don't want to be unhealthy either. i have a 4yr old who watches me like a hawk so i have to be smart.

How'd you decide what your calorie intake should be? Any suggestions?

May you all have a beautifully happy day today. :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Just keep swimming.

Sorry I've not blogged the last few days. Just nothing much to say. Keeping my calories in check and doing what i can to exercise. I admit... yesterday was a feeling like a failure day. But I did exercise and I tried. it's all I ask of myself. :) Monday was a crammed full busy exhausting day so i didn't get much in. But I did do what i could calorie wise for the 2 meals we ate out for. :)

Sunday night I mopped the house for exercise. How you ask? I danced while mopping. hehehee!! I'm so glad my husband and kids didn't come home while I was in the middle of it because I was bopping and movin' around like a crazy lady. Even I was laughing at myself. BUT the house needed mopping (we have all tile but the bedrooms) and I needed to work out. Since I know mopping for 1.5-2hrs would leave me too tired to workout. I decided to combine the 2. :) I woke up Monday and wasn't in "pain" but I could tell I had worked my muscles. :)

Today I'm going to work on doing 2 10 minute workouts while my son naps and then my usual workout in the evening. Just so that i can squeeze in more minutes without trying to kill myself into doing a longer workout when the kids go to bed. My stamina will build I'll fight for it to build. :)

Since I'm rambling... I'll let ya all go for now. :)