Friday, April 29, 2011


I love it when I prove things to myself. :) Today I was not a munchey queen. I kept to my schedule and planned out every meal time (not the actual meal though). I was hungry but today was day 2 of keeping myself from munching and snacking. WHOHOO!!

The BEST part of today!!

I kept my calories to just under 1600!!

YEP! I did it!! WHOHOO!! I kept my calories UNDER my goal today!! WHOHOO!!

You see, I finally realized something this week. It may sound counter intuitive, but i really need to ease myself into eating less calories because I end up starving or feeling like I'm depriving myself and then... i binge, I fail and then well I feel HORRIBLE about myself and I fall off the wagon.

So... to help ease myself down to a more "lose weight" respectable calorie count I've decided this week and next week I'll be shooting for 2000 calories. Why 2000? Because I happen to know without doing any counting that I've GOT to be eating WAY more than 2000cal every day. I just feel it and in my heart I know it. my 3rd week I'll shoot for 1600-1800. I still am not sure WHAT the right # is for me for a final calorie count. I admit I'm not good at math. I must find a good website for helping me figure out a REALISTIC calorie count for me. Sounds like something to add to my Todo list. :)

Yesterday I squeaked under @ 1978cal.

Today was a whopping 1600cal. WHOHOO!!! Right now I don't feel hungry. And it's really nice to know that for once if I absolutely MUST have a snack I can. Not that i think I will. But still you know what I mean. :)

Today will also be day 2 of working out. I haven't done it yet, but I'm about to. So i better go.


Trying to convince yourself you're not hungry. SUCKS!! Can't wait for snack time. Just an hour to go!

I just wanted to share. hahahaha!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Putting me first.

I haven't done that in a long time. We've been so busy around here that I've had little time for me. And I have to admit when i do have time that I take for me... I've not chosen to exercise, sleep yes... reading yes. Exercise No. My eating has been out of control. My weight this week hit 202 this week! WTH!! I have yet to be over 200 without being preggers. 5 lbs in 1 week!! Something's not working. Luckily I lost 3lbs by today... gotta just love water weight and I'm working hard to get those other 2lbs that I know are water weight gone by the end of the week.

So why am I telling you all this. Because it has given me the kick in the ass that I've needed this last month. I have to put myself first. I feel like I'm a broken record, I know I am. So instead of telling you JUST how I've fallen off the wagon I'll tell you what I've been trying to do this week. I've been trying to get my eating under control. Counting calories, getting the munchies OUT of my daily routine. I failed miserably on Wed... and then today i just timed myself out. after breakfast figured out when lunch would be and wrote down what time I MUST eat a snack so that i wouldn't forget. And then when I started wandering the kitchen looking for something... anything. I stopped and saw that it wasn't time for a snack and went back to what I was doing. WHOHOOOO!!! I did that after lunch too. WHOHOOO!!!

I know that is 1 of my biggest obstacles right now. Hunger. feeling hungry all the time. And I do mean hungry. Which has led to more portion distortion. But I also know if I work really hard in about 2 weeks... I can have it all back under control. So tomorrow will be a repeat of today. :) it HAS to be.

My other issue has been exhaustion. So I'm working on battling that too. I'm only on here and not in bed yet because well... I really need to get my heart rate lowered before I can crawl into bed. yep, I worked out tonight. Not as long as I would have liked, but holy crap Carb Burn by Crunch just kicked my butt!! So I'm happy with what I did do. I haven't worked out that hard since I tried P90x. Anyhow... Same thing with the eating, I know if I move every day... no matter how long. The exhaustion will get better.

So... there you have it. Me in a nutshell. Sons first BD went off beautifully, house hunting has been interesting and life is well... busy. But it's time for me. I'll try to be back tomorrow. :)