Monday, February 22, 2010

roller coaster called life...

Has it really been almost a month since I last posted?


I've been a busy girl. Life has been busy and in some cases not so nice. I won't complain because truthfully, there are those out there going through so much worse than me and despite the low points... life has been nice, even in those hard moments.

Lets see, I've been busy trying to keep my family above water, trying desperately to keep that lovely swelling at bay (yeah not working), trying to keep from over doing it (yeah not working) and trying to get ready for this baby boy while wishing he'd come today!

At the same time, I must admit... I've kinda sorta given up. I don't exercise at all these days. Well, I keep moving and busy, and it is good enough. I haven't been keeping track of what I'm eating and I've found myself reverting back to mindless eating. I eat when I'm hungry, but I'm not reining myself in and I'm not always making good choices. Doesn't help that i cringe at the thought of cooking and preparing meals. I've been eating a lot of cereal in between dinner meals; meaning breakfast & lunch. I've found myself choosing meals that consist of crackers and by the time I'm done... I'm so stuffed I'm sick. WTH! Why am I back to mindless eating. Well, I KNOW it's because I'm not keeping track and not being mindful. I KNOW it's laziness in planning and I KNOW it's just not giving a damn.

sadly, I just keep telling myself... I'll get back on the wagon when this little guy is born and I no longer have an excuse at being lazy in my healthiness, like the excuse of I'm pregnant and tired and will just eat what i want. Cravings have been PURE hell this last month or so. All in all I've been gaining and losing the same 5 lbs over the last month. Gotta LOVE that swelling and bloating. And I know it's due to crappy eating, not enough exercise and water. Nothing like KNOWING what the problem is and doing nothing about it right? How silly can I be? My weight gain has been, ok... I don't remember my starting point. But i know it's not even been 25lbs because my Dr has been very happy with my health and rate of gain.

I am looking forward to his arrival and can't believe it's just a month away! March 30th is looming quickly. In between that time, i have my brothers wedding this weekend, 2 baby showers (1 mine, 1 my cousins) and a life to prepare for... in more ways than 1. I'm gonna be a busy girl!

I hope your all doing wonderful and although I've been away from blog land... I do miss having time to sit and read your blogs. Time at this screen has just not been there and when it is... it's busy busy busy. Oh where did my lazy hours go? :-( Some how I'll find them again. Some how.



  1. Have a great time at the showers and wedding :-)

  2. Awwww you sound like you're doing really well! Good luck with the baby!