Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Seems like...

All I can say lately is well, sorry I've been gone.

This time I haven't been hiding though. :) LOL

I've actually been super busy. The last post was Jan 25th and since then I've pretty much been go go go. I hardly have time for sitting in front of my computer and reading, let alone writing. matter of fact, even as I type this my husband and daughter and telling me we need to get busy. ugh! Anyhow, I've been busy enough for a lifetime and this month isn't going to be any better. My brother gets married at the end of the month and lets face it I have ALOT to do to get ready for that, add in Dr's apts, misc other apts I have to keep, and things to do to get ready for little man... I kinda wish this month would just let me wake up to march 1st. :) Things have been crazy enough that i had a wake up call the other night... I had a scare of labor contractions starting. Talk about a wake up call to slow down. Sadly, I can't slow down too much as lets face it nothing much (but laundry) gets done around here if I slow down for too many days in a row. Don't worry, I'm taking care of myself. Just trying to do less in 1 day and working on being better at listening to my body.

I'm eating pretty good. Dinners are excellent these days (except 1 night last week w/FF and last night with FF). Making my menu based on taste AND calorie/serving size info was an excellent idea. These days because I seem to look at my menu going "ugh nothing sounds good" I made a 12 meal menu and a list of must buys before making each item (you know those darn vegi's don't last 2 weeks). Luckily there isn't much I have to buy for most meals and it all sounds so good I've got the problem of which one to make. :) Every meal is under 500 calories for 1 serving and I was sure to pick things that the serving size would equal a good portion, not 1c of it for 500 calories. Makes me excited to cook. the 2 FF days were because of scheduling and not being home to even think of cooking. Lunches and breakfasts I'm working hard at being a head of my hunger and I'm giving myself a break if I eat a little crappily in between meals. Which really, with no snack foods in the house, just means eating leftovers from the night before and toast. I bought tortilla's and have been making wraps again. Last nights FF was churches chicken. Today, i plan on tearing the fatty yummy fried crap off and peeling the chicken off the bone to make a chicken Cesar wraps. I'm excited. :) May not be the BEST chicken in the world to use, but I'm thinking re purpose and remove what fat I can... better than I used to do :) LOL

Exercise has been a little to the way side because of my schedule. I know I need to fit it in... But ya know, these days, with less than 2 months to go before little man arrives, I'm doing everything I can to just get things in order. How has 7 months flown by. Feels unreal. Since I'm not sitting on my arse all day, I'm pregnant, not gaining any weight these days AND keeping swelling to a minimum... It's just gotta be ok. :) You gotta do what you gotta do and in my state and after the scare I had earlier this week... I'm all about being more careful these days. Do i sound like I've got a lot of excuses or what? All I can say is... with 2 months to go. excuses be damned!!!

However, I have made a promise to a friend of mine though, Starting 6 weeks after little man arrives, no matter my shape.... I'll be hitting what she calls upchuck hill (everyone throws up when they run it she says) with her at least 1x a week. Although I told her I'll have to watch her run it while I walk it cause I won't be in shape enough to run it when I start. But at least I can do it 1x a week (hopefully more, we'll see when the time comes) with her while our girls play and since she used to be a track and field cohort with me from HS and NOW owns her own martial arts gym... she'll kick my arse into running that hill in no time. hahahaha!!

Anyways, today's a busy day... after taking most this week off due to those contractions, I've got to clean house, clean the garage and watch my husband steam clean the carpets. I have a feeling he's going to beg outa that chore, but either way... I'll be getting some good walking in today while he does all the heavy lifting. And that for once (at least for once) is good enough for me. :)



  1. Glad to hear a good report! I hope that your contractions go away soon :-)

  2. Congrats! I am 4 months along now and was told by my doctor I'm only allowed to gain 15-20lbs my whole pregnancy. I'm borderline diabetic and have to watch my every mouthful!
    I picked up a book that I thought would be helpful for now during my pregnancy and after the baby is here. It's a book I hold dear to me now because I swear it was written for me (even though it obviously wasn't)!
    It's written by Georgene Collins, and is called, "Obesity Free Forever".
    If you have been struggling with weight loss, it's the book to read. And trust me, if you're anything like me...You will LOVE it!
    I've been dieting my whole life...and of course it's not working. Either I give up on it or I give up on it. But this is no diet. It's permanent weight loss . Not temporary nor by any means is it a Diet!
    I wish you the best and I will be back to check your progress!! Keep up the great work!

    Do you have any names picked out for your son?

  3. Way to go Jules! I think busy IS exercising! I also think it's great that you've held your own through your pregnancy. I think I gained something like 60 pounds with my daughter! (and she was no 60 pound baby!). It sounds like you've managed to keep thing under control and I like your post baby attitude! Do it soon after...had I...I wouldn't be fighting ALL these excess pounds now!

    Good luck!

  4. Sounds like you've been doing well! That's great to hear! :) Don't apologize for being gone, we'll be here regardless!